Different bridles

Different bridles

Bridles for your horse or pony, they come in all kinds, sizes and designs. The biggest differences are the nosebands. This can be a high noseband, or a low noseband. Some have a combination noseband and others prefer a bridle without a noseband. So the choice is huge. 


QHP Bridle Lupine with chic high noseband 


Harry's Horse Bridle Bronze with low noseband 


Nowadays the bridle industry is in full development and one can also opt for an anatomically shaped bridle https://www.minihorseshop.co.uk/horseware-rambo-micklem-multi  


Some riders prefer a bridle without a bit, a bitless bridle: https://www.minihorseshop.co.uk/pfiff-bitless-bridle  


In addition to the different bridle models, there are of course also many different sizes available at MHS Equestrian. There is literally a good size available for every horse or pony. MHS own line, for example, is available from size mini-mini to size shetland and soon even to extra full! 



The full range of bridles at MHS Equestrian therefore consists of literally all sizes. In addition to all sizes, there are also many different colors and designs. You will also find loose reins to attach to the bridles at MHS Equestrian in the range: 



You can also contact MHS Equestrian for a bit in the bridle. For example, MHS Ruitersport has a wide range of bits for shetlanders and small ponies: https://www.minihorseshop.co.uk/shetland-pony/bits but also for large ponies and horses: https://www.minihorseshop.co.uk/horse/bits-horse  


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