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NAF Respirator Boost provides the ultimate blend of nutrients to support respiratory immunity and clear the way for optimum lung function.
It contains a high concentration of procyanidins and flavonoids with ortho phenolic groups which are particularly potent antioxidants.
The unique blend supports the mucosal immune system within the respiratory tract and the delicate lung tissue itself.
NAF Respirator Boost provides the unique herbal support with natural essential oils of eucalyptus and clove to aid natural drainage.
It is most efficient when fed daily for an initial two week period, after which Respirator may be used for daily maintenance.
Respirator Boost is also ideal whenever optimum lung function is required, such as for peak performance.

How to use:

For large horses and ponies is a dosage of 60ml. For miniature horses and Shetland we recommend 30ml per day. Within two days, you can see the differences. Advice is to Respiratory boost for a longer time through maintaining optimum support of the airways. It can be given over their food or with a syringe directly into the mouth. Shake well before use.

 Extra information:

- Supports the airways of your horse
- Easy to administer
- Product may change or vary in color
- Always shake before use

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