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Saddle Pad BR 4-EH Hope

Saddlepad BR 4-EH Hope is a wonderful, small saddle cloth. Luxurious appearance and furnished with a lovely BR logo.
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Saddle Pad BR 4-EH Hope
Saddle Pad BR 4-EH Hope

BR 4-EH Hope saddle pad is a lovely, small saddle pad with a luxurious touch and features a beautiful BR logo. The lining is made from 220g Coolplus material for extra moisture management. Nice pad for the pony riders!

Extra information:
• Made of 100% poly cotton
• Lining is Cool 220gr plus material for extra moisturisation and breathable
• Pad has an upscale cord piping and decorative tie
• Saddle and girth straps with Velcro to hold the pad in place